My Xperia Z5 is not working after Android 7 update

I am seriously annoyed! Only large quantities of premium choclate keeps me from shouting this in capital letters. I have just spent several hours with Sony support without they being anywhere close to fixing my phone after I updated to Android 7.1.1 – an update I thought (hoped) was going to fix the problems introduced by an earlier update…

This is my second Xperia and the reasons I have choosen Sony Xperia are:

  1. The camera. Pictures from my purple Xperia Z and my green Xperia  Z5 are printed in my two travel guides Mitt Provence and Mitt Nice (only available in Swedish).
  2. Water resistent. I spend a lot of time outdoors and it rains sometimes.

I add this just to explain how annoyed I am that it is the camera that is not working. Other people complain about the sound gone missing but never mind that, I can survive without sound on the phone, as long as the camera works properly.

I am not alone

I just posted the text below at the Sony Support Forum.

For the benefit of statistics and strength in numbers I want to add my two pennies about the dangers of updating the system. I have experienced a lot of troubles since I upgraded my Xperia Z5. At the moment I am running Android 7.1.1 but the problem started earlier.

1) I can’t focus the camera. Since I am a travel writer this is similar to ”not being able to type on my typewriter” or ”drinking coffee without any actually coffee in the cup”.
2) Can’t erase pictures from the album. This one is new. The deleate button has just stopped working.
3) The camera often do not start at all.

Very sad about these problems since this is my second Xperia and until now it has been a really useful companion that I have recommended to many people.

I have been in touch with the support in Sweden and I have performed everything they suggested. But nothing helped. The Swedish support said that they had never heard anything like this before and pretended my problems were unusual. A quick look in this forum and my problems doesn’t look unusual to me, it looks like the latest in a long line of software problems.

Any ideas of when a new stable bug-free Android version will be available? Until then I use my proper camera for all pictures and leave the camera at home. Perhaps my next phone should be a retro model that is only a phone. Then nothing can stopp working and I will not wast as much time being annoyed.

My post has been erased

Edit 13 July: Last night I realised that I am able to deleate pictures if I use another app, for example Google photos, rather than Album, so I thought I can wait until the software people figure out a fix. Since my problem was introduced by new software, it is possible to fix with better software.

I then checked if someone has answered my message in the support forum and found that my message had been deleated. It will therefore not add to the statistics and it will not make anyone put better software as their priority.

I also noted that someone else in the support forum who can’t call after update. Rather an inconvenience. So in short: update is risky!

Edit 14 July: After spending too much time in the support forum I will be suprised if there is anyone that has a working camera after the update. I have lost track of the number of people complaining.

Sony is working hard on reducing the numbers by deleating some threads. Not all, that would be too obvious, but several has gone missing while I’ve been observing the forum.

I have now created another alias and posted again. Perhaps third time lucky?